Sunday, February 5, 2012

minahasa highland and tangkoko tour with tari travel guess

guide jotje lala
start tour from gardenia country inn.
tomohon market
gardenia restaurant
panora marice onthe way to woloan
minahasa wooden house in dustry in woloan
linow volcanocrater
volcano mud near hospringin toraget
hospring in toraget
vegeble ifield in coleps volcano
inspiration hill in tomohon
inspiration hill
mesje school in tomohon
coyfish farming in tondalake
fo prince bernat,beatrik in waruga museum
tomohon market
tankoko dove villas
tour album party galand under guided by guide jotje lala.
guide jotje in gardenia country inn tomohon.
we visted minanasa traditional house industry in woloan via panora rice in wailan-kayawu or guide jotje lala village,tomohon market,linow volcano crater lake,hotspring in  minahasa-toraget,tondano lake,mahawu and masyarang volcano coleps,with its day visit inspiration hill,mesje school or ex holand residense before in tomohon,sawangan villge for to see waruga[pre christian stone grave,tangkoko nature reserve and stay